Yesterday in a quiet house I slept with my baby
I held his tiny fingers
Watched him breathe as my eyes fell shut
When flailing arms woke us both
I pressed him close
Felt him rest under the weight of my hand
I too rested under the weight of love
My own heart held and healing in the quiet


Yesterday I thought I couldn’t handle five minutes more
Laundry piled on the couch
Homework scattered on the table and floor
Supper that wasn’t making itself
Children who weren’t listening
Children needing kindness
And I had used up my reserve

How can twelve hours hold so much
Joy and weariness
Love and failure
Kind words and then tight hard ones
A soft heart and then one squeezed dry

That was yesterday
Today I start again
Savor coffee
Read my prayers
Set out breakfast
Finish the laundry
Choose kindness
Hold onto rest

It’s a new day
And love is old and strong and enough

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  1. How can twelve hours hold so much. Yes. You pictured both the abundance and the drought well. Praise God for nights to sleep and the freshness of a new day!

  2. Several of your comments got stuck in my spam folder. I am so sorry. I always love hearing from people and am sad I didn’t get to read these and have them posted right away.

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