Cheese — Five Minute Friday

I still have the taste of cheddar in my mouth. The slightly tangy, earthy flavor that happens with milk and culture and months of aging at 50 degrees. Today’s bowl of grated cheese will melt tonight on our tacos.
Cheese shows up in many ways and places, and I couldn’t tell you which is my favorite. I love finding it rich and creamy in a chocolate cheesecake or melty between two slices of buttered toast. Tart and grainy, Feta is wonderful sprinkled in a spinach salad along with apple bits and walnuts, and just as good melting over re-fried beans. I like stretchy mozzarella on my slice of pizza served next to Parmesan shaved into romaine leaves in a Caesar salad. There are cheese boards and cheese balls, and the cheese you find in queso at your favorite Mexican restaurant. I add cheese to chowder to make it kid-approved, or I find it in the fridge infused with mango and ghost peppers knowing my husband will get most of it to himself. Cheese is a comfort food with a thousand possibilities.

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  1. And it’s one of the world’s best inventions (or is it a discovery?)!! Anyway, it’s super good and you have written varied and vivid descriptions of it here. Nicely done!
    (Shall I go eat some cheese yet before bed? ?)

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